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  22. t’s a house as he said, but it’s the same as the graduation album, but how did the art academy know?

    But he didn’t even think he’d even threaten him so badly.

    ‘The Hwangju of the world ????. Was it so good with me? So does that mean I want to add more? ‘

    I can’t remember drinking but it was a lie. It wasn’t the first time, but she sometimes remembered the nightly scenes she remembered.

  23. In addition, I remembered the bullshit that he resembled the silhouette of Star Wars Darth Vader.

    Eunyoung’s face turned to embarrassment and quickly turned her eyes toward the window.

    That day was the birthday party of a friend who became a college student, and Eun Young, who was a student, was forced to take it.

  24. He didn’t have any parents, and Ga-yeon, who was her birthday, decided to pay all the money and went to the night without sharing.

    She could not believe. In addition, he approached her and danced, but soon became discouraged when he realized that his owner could not remember him.

  25. Once inside the house, no one was at home today.

    His father, who had been retired early last year, had a lot of work since he started a new business.

    Eunyoung took out the side dishes one by one from the refrigerator, cooked the rice, put down the spoon, and drank cold water.

  26. As no one family was always noisy, the quiet felt heavy and loud today.

    So I tears. I don’t regret sleeping with my master.

    I felt sorry for being deceived by my parents and my brother and becoming a bad daughter who was just playing around.

    «Black, tears come out.»

  27. The owner suddenly wondered everything about her.

    It’s not because she’s satisfied with her, but the sweat on her neck and her long legs under her shorts are irritating.

    Beside the grunge just swelled his center.

    And when the night came that demanded what I wanted, I thought I had to catch her.

  28. t was because of her body, but I wanted to know about her. To do this, it was necessary to take some definite action when Eunyoung came tomorrow.

    I needed a plan that could tie Kim Eun-young for the time being. The owner smiled at the rest of the beer at once.

  29. The owner, who was waiting for only six o’clock all day, lingered early in the yard and waited for Eunyoung to come.

    However, I wanted to see Eun-young between the iron doors, but she opened the door because she turned around to press the doorbell.

    I didn’t want to pay the tee, but the body went out first. The owner deliberately blunted her to hide the embarrassment.

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